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         In March of 2021 Evelyn and I each got our two Pfizer shots.  We then got our boosters just before Thanksgiving.  We are not averse to wearing our masks when in public.  When shopping, we keep our six-foot distance between others and us in the checkout lines.  Until recently, we avoided shaking hands, hugging, etc., except within the family.

         We decided, however, that with COVID so rampant right now it would be a good idea to be tested.  Our neighbor, Ruthie, told us about a church in Dover that was giving out home test kits, so as long as Ev and I were going to be in town anyway, we swung around to the church.  As I was getting out of my car, a lady was coming out of the church.  “Are you here for the test kits?” she asked.


         “They ran out at 1:00,” she said, obviously having missed the mark herself.  We were there at 2:00.

         I reported this to Ruthie so she would know that we followed through with her suggestion.  She told me that the Blue Hen facility (a huge complex that houses many state agencies) would be handing out home kits that Thursday, and that they opened at 9:00 AM.  I was there at 9:30 and, being the only kit-seeker at that moment, was ushered in immediately.  After giving them my name and phone number, the nice National Guard person gave me a box with two tests in it.  I gave those to Ev and Karlyn, since I had already made an appointment for my test (they tested negative).

         On Friday I showed up at the Modern Maturity Center at 1:30 for my 2:00 appointment, just in case they could take me early.  They could.  After showing them my appointment paper, I swabbed my nose, placed the little bag in the large tub with others who had been tested, and left.

         It wasn’t until Sunday evening that the results came back.  They had found COVID in my sample, so … positive. 

         Looka me, Ma!  I’m a statistic!

         I recount all this to show that what the experts have been saying all along is true.  Getting vaccinated, “boostered,” wearing a mask, and abiding by the protocols and guidelines is no guarantee that one will not test positive for COVID.  However, I have to say that my symptoms have been minimal.  I’m not prevented from doing anything that I would normally do with the exception of going out in public more than necessary (I’m supposed to be isolating/quarantining, but, hey, the dog still has to be walked; I still have to empty the mailbox and take the trash and recycling out; etc.).  COVID has left me with a nagging cough (which Walmart’s Equate brand cough syrup seems to be controlling) and a slight touch of congestion (which Walmart’s Equate brand of decongestant seems to be loosening).  So, I certainly can’t complain.

         After a doctor consultation by phone about an hour ago, I learned that I’m supposed to do everything I expected I should do and which everybody has heard dozens upon dozens of times over the last two-plus years.  He also said that Ev and Karlyn should expect to come down with symptoms at some point, but that since we’ve all had our shots, the ladies shouldn’t have any worse problems than those with which I’m dealing.

         So, yeah – vaccinations?  Got ’em.  Boosters?  Yep.  COVID?  Yep, anyway. 

         Anybody having fun with this pandemic yet?

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