Posted by on February 10, 2021

         I’ve just discovered that there’s little difference between sitting in front of a blank piece of paper when you have no idea for a cartoon, and a blank computer screen when you have no idea what to write about in your weekly blog.

         Oh, it’s not that I’m short on ideas.  What I mean is, shall this week’s blog be political or personal?  Serious or humorous?  Perhaps scratching the surface of a biblical passage that’s spoken to me recently?  Or maybe a poem?   But would that poem be a thought-provoking spiritual composition (maybe even lyrics to a song) or something as silly as limerick?

         The issue is that there are too many choices of which direction in which to go. 

         What would come easier this week?  Comments on the impeachment trial or an overview of how my wife’s hospitalization has impacted the family (including Kianna, her service dog)?  Sharing my reflections on this week’s lectionary passages or passing along a clever poem I ran across recently in a book about having fun with words?  What topic would grab my readers’ (all two of them) interest long enough to keep them engaged till the end of the blog?

         How do columnists and others who write for a living finally decide on their topics?  How does Dave Barry come up with a seemingly endless supply of subjects for his humor column, and how does he know just the right amount of hyperbole to use before his point stretches to the breaking point? 

         Would my family be embarrassed, or angry, or amused, or what, if I shared some of the activity that happens within these walls?  Is this the platform to share the things that bother me the most?  Or would my fledgling efforts die a-borning in the wake of the negative reactions? 

         I guess that’s what this week’s blog is all about. 

         Asking questions.

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