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         The cartoonist who goes by the pseudonym Tom Tomorrow draws a comic strip called “This Modern World.”  Tom is unabashedly left-leaning, but I couldn’t help but feel – what? – grateful?  amazed? that he was able to summarize the major “accomplishments” of Donald Trump during the last four years in a recent strip.

         Picture two characters having a dialogue.  One is a Trump supporter, a man wearing a red MAGA cap.  The other is a recurring character in the strip: Sparky, the sunglasses-wearing, leftist penguin.  Herewith, their “conversation” (I put that word in quotation marks since it’s primarily a monologue by Sparky):


         MAGA Man: I can’t believe Democrats impeached Trump again!  Why does the left have such an irrational hatred for our great President?

         Sparky:  Hmmm, you mean the President who opened his campaign calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers?  The adulterer who was caught on tape bragging that he could grab women by the p***y [my edit] because he was famous?  The thin-skinned narcissist who claimed the election he won in 2016 was rigged because he lost the popular vote?  The unhinged lunatic who told more than 25,000 documented lies?  The failed businessman who exhibited inexplicable deference to Putin and other autocrats, declared the media the “enemy of the people,” and shrugged off the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?  The blatant racist who tried to institute the Muslim travel ban?  Who separated families at the border and locked kids in cages?  The guy who said there were very fine people on both sides in Charlottesville?  The genius who thought the pandemic would just go away on its own, like a miracle?  The man who bears significant responsibility for the loss of nearly 400,000 American lives?  The seditious a**hole [my edit] who spent two and a half months scrambling to overturn the election – and then incited an insurrection?  Is that the President you mean?

         [Panel with each staring at the other.]

         MAGA Man:  Well, we’re certainly never going to achieve unity and heal as a nation with an attitude like that.

         Sparky:  Right.  What could I possibly be thinking?


         The prosecution rests.


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