Posted by on December 29, 2020

         Get ready for the annual recaps of the past year to be presented by the major TV networks and news outlets, complete with video and commentary.  We can be assured that there will be reminders of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the world, major political developments, natural disasters, deaths of celebrities and notable people from other walks of life, and, I wouldn’t doubt, a sense of relief that this crazy year is finally coming to an end.

         On the political front, I share in the hope that once President-elect Biden is inaugurated, our country can resume its position as the leading superpower in the world, a nation to which the rest of the world looks up.  The Biden Administration’s immediate plans include rejoining the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization on Day One.  With Mr. Biden’s vast experience in foreign relations there is a reasonable expectation that damaged relations with our allies can begin healing and that relations with those who threaten us (North Korea, Russia, etc.) that became more heated over the past four years can be tempered.  The new year does hold some hope of settling things down a bit.  With our prayers for God’s guidance, those hopes hold an even better chance of being realized.

         Thinking further into the future, I must admit to wondering if our new President will make it through the next four years.  During that time he will turn 80 years of age (of course, Bernie Sanders was making a pitch for the presidency having already reached that milestone).  But I keep wondering – if Biden can’t finish out his first four years for whatever reason (death, disability), will the nation be ready for our first female President?  In one fell swoop, Kamala Harris would make an indelible, historical mark on the office of the President, not only by being the first woman President of the United States, but at the same time, the first Black woman President.

         Do I have confidence in Harris’ ability to perform well in this office?  I do.  Her past performance has shown her to be firm but fair.  She would not be easily cowed by nations who would point a warning finger in her face.  More than anything, she would have the interests of the country, and not the stroking of her own ego, at heart (she would have every right to expect to have her ego stroked by virtue of her history-making situation, but I don’t see her taking that road).  We need to keep in mind that she will be, as has been said of previous Vice Presidents, one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

         I have confidence in our future now that we have someone with previous political experience, and not just business experience, poised for inauguration next month.  My confidence is bolstered by knowing that a competent, experienced person of integrity is also there as a back-up, should the duly-elected President not be able to perform his duties.

         I just hope and pray that there are no surprises awaiting us in 2021 the likes of which we’ve seen in 2020.  I have never been more ready to say “good riddance” to a year than I am to 2020.  God help us all in 2021.

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