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I wouldn’t keep beating a dead horse, except that the horse keeps rearing its ugly head.  I’m speaking about previous comments I may or may not have made in this venue about our current cell phone service: T-Mobile (I may have actually made some comments on Facebook or via email or whatever).

But I’m incensed again because T-Mobile is touting their coverage — they want you to believe that they cover the entire country now, and that claim, plain and simple, is patently false.  I know, because I live within the contiguous 48 states, and my coverage is so inconsistent as to be labeled totally unreliable.

There would be no signal in my home (I live in Delaware, by the way, which is not only part of the United States, but lays claim to being the very first one) unless I had a “Cell Spot,” a kind of crutch/booster that my cell phone needs in order to get a strong enough signal to function.  I can’t tell you how many times this past year I’ve gone to use my phone and seen “You are offline” or some similar message on the screen.  I can’t depend on being able to make calls when I’m away from home because I never know if I’m in a “dead zone” (of which, BTW, there are many).  When we vacationed at a campground in New York, I had no signal at all and had to borrow a phone from another camper so I could let my friend know we had arrived.  Without the graciousness of that woman, my friend could well have concluded any one of several possibilities about why he wasn’t hearing from us: maybe we changed our minds about the trip, had an accident along the way, or just weren’t interested in spending time with him.  Who knows?

Perhaps what really gets in my craw at the moment is that T-Mobile has the audacity to make the claim that their service is everywhere when it obviously is not.  In other words, T-Mobile is flat-out lying!  They have GOT to know that they’re not reaching everywhere, so how can they blare out such an audacious lie?

Evelyn and I have been talking about switching services, and this only becomes another incentive to do so as quickly as possible.  It’s bad enough to have to deal with such rotten service.  It’s worse when that service originates with a company that has no qualms about lying to the public.

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