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“I’m not touching you!  I’m not touching you!” says the bothersome big brother as he makes “poking” motions toward his little sister for no reason other than to irritate the bejeebers out of her.  “Mommy, Johnny’s bothering me!”  “But I’m not touching her!”

I can picture Donald Trump as a kid doing the same thing to his friends, because he continues to do the same thing as President.  It’s my considered opinion that Mr. Trump likes nothing more than to keep the pot stirred, the muck raked.  At the time of this writing, he issued a statement saying that we have plenty of background checks in place (for purchasing a gun) and don’t need any more.  This, after hinting a mere two weeks ago that he thought additional background checks would be a good idea.  How can we know where he truly stands when he keeps “moving the target”?

The man is a chameleon.  His thinking and processes change with the wind.  When he talks with advocates of background checks, he thinks it’s a good idea.  Then, after talking to the NRA, he changes his mind.  So much of what comes out of his mouth is knee-jerk reaction to something he has just heard.

And that’s what makes him scary.  Mr. Trump cannot be depended upon to stick to any one position for as long as it takes for an opposing position to come to his attention.  About the only position he holds with any consistency is his obsessive fear of people different from him and his intense desire to keep as much distance from them as possible, even if it means wasting vast amounts of money on building a wall to ensure that separation, money that could be used to lift poor families from their poverty or even strengthen the country’s infrastructure.  (After having traveled I-95 from Delaware to Florida last June, I can attest to the fact that our roadways are in dire need of repair).

When it comes to the question of trust, I personally do not hold any for our current Chameleon-in-Chief.  His rhetoric is hyperbolic (everything is the “best/worst the world has ever seen,” or “the best/worst in the history of this country,” etc.)  His speech is bluster, his accomplishments minimal at best (and usually the kind that benefit only the already-well-off).  His demeanor does not befit the respected office of President of the United States, and harms relationships with our allies around the world.

In the past, even when I disagreed strongly with the stands our former presidents took, I could still respect them for the office they held.  I simply cannot do so with D. J. T.  

Both Democrats and Republicans can be delighted that Trump was elected, though.  Because of him, even George W. Bush looks good.

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