Posted by on March 2, 2021

         Despite the politically-divisive environment in which our nation is currently embroiled, despite the frigid weather our part of the country is experiencing, despite the fact that it’s tax season, despite the extra responsibilities I’ve had to take on until my wife is stronger,

         Despite the fact that we now have a second friend of our daughter’s staying with us temporarily, despite the many friends and family members who are dealing with serious health concerns, despite our world’s dangerously changing climate and the race we’re running to reverse and improve those conditions before it’s too late, despite the pandemic that is still a major threat a year after it first appeared on the scene,

         Despite my never-decreasing list of things to do, despite the struggles that local churches are encountering due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place, despite the fact that we have to think twice before going out to eat, despite having to wear masks whenever we do, despite food and medicine shortages in our grocery stores and pharmacies, despite not having as much time to do fun things I’d like to do instead of having to make sure that the required duties are tended to first,

         Despite the fact that I can’t sell a cartoon or get my book published, despite my feelings of inadequacy on just about every level (parental, musical, spousal, culinary, professional, ad nauseum), despite not being able to remember everything I’m supposed to do or know when I need to do or know it,

         Despite everything that the people in my life and I contend with constantly every day, I can still say:

         God is good.

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